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Blacksmith3D v3.2.0.0 破解版
Blacksmith3D - Suite 可以改造和绘制你的三维立体人物和对象。Blacksmith3D - Suite 2.0允许你采样直观的方式改变对象的形状。你还可以旋转和放置你的对象,选择一个画笔并且直接地在对象的表面上进行绘制。你可以绘制色彩,设置透明度,突出和位移映像。Blacksmith3D 2.0 New特别推出在Blacksmith3D - Suite 2.0和Poser之间的自动转换,均衡和着色,高分辨率映像,层合并和多视角功能。
一款强大的3D设计软件,主要为快速绘制和塑造变形物体所设计。Blacksmith 3D Suite 包括了一系列模板,包括:人类、野兽、魔鬼、猩猩、狼、海龟等等。


Blacksmith3D - is a 3D Graphic product from blacksmith3d.com, get 5 Stars SoftSea Rating, Reshape and paint your 3D characters and objects. Blacksmith3D - Suite 2.0 allows you to deform objects in an intuitive way. You can also rotate and position your object, select a paint brush and paint directly on the surface. You can paint the color, transparency, bump and displacement maps. Blacksmith3D 2.0 New features auto-rigging between Blacksmith3D - Suite 2.0 and Poser, symmetric morphing and painting, high resolution maps, layer manager and multiple viewports. SoftSea.com had fully tested, reviewed and uploaded the install files, Blacksmith3D - Suite does not contain any adware or spyware, the latest version is 2.0, you can download this 3d graphic software (9.5 MB) from special server of SoftSea.com. The license of this graphic software is Demo, the price is $149.95, you can free download and get a free trial before you buy. If you want to get a full or nolimited version of Blacksmith3D - Suite, you can buy this graphic software.

Developer: Blacksmith3D

Size: 48.65 MB

下载/Download - Mybloop(EN)
镜像/Mirror - Sotee(CHN)
镜像/Mirror - Brsbox(CHN)

镜像/Mirror - UUshare(CHN)
镜像/Mirror - Damipan(CHN)
Password: cehx.com

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