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3D Rad v6.39

3D RAD - Free 3D Game Maker: Learn How To Make a 3D Game FAST !

For Windows?Vista/XP
      软件大小: 39MB
  • 软件语言: 英文
  • 软件类别: 国外软件 | 3D制作类
  • 运行环境: Win9x/2000/XP/2003 /vista
  • 授权方式: 免费版
                                    5min create the game
With 3D RAD - the hottest free 3d game maker available - you can bring life to your 3d models
and learn how to make a 3d game in a fraction of the time it wou
 3D Rad v6.39 (39 Mb) - This software is completely free for commercial and non-commercial use. To install, click the Download button and then select Run when prompted. You may also have to authorize the installation, depending on your Windows security settings.
3D Rad 3DRad是一个易于使用的3D应用开发系统,尤其适合3D游戏开发之用。 将活动的3D元素放置到拟真的环境中就能建立互动的3D世界。将活动的3D元素放置到拟真的环境中就能建立互动的3D世界。 而生成的3D產品可以输出成一个单独的格式,便於发行和销售。而生成的3D产品可以输出成一个单独的格式,便于发行和销售。 软体的3D引擎支援硬体加速,动态色彩多灯光源,半透明纹理,雾化及Gouraud网底等。软体的3D引擎支援硬体加速,动态色彩多灯光源,半透明纹理,雾化及Gouraud网底等。 此外,该3D引擎集成了16位元的3D声音系统,可以透过滚动、动态偏转、消声以及Doppler效果来类比环境声效。此外,该3D引擎集成了16位元的3D声音系统,可以透过滚动、动态偏转、消声以及Doppler效果来类比环境声效。 该版本在介面、渲染质量、记忆体管理以及载入资料速度上进行了改进。该版本在介面、渲染质量、记忆体管理以及载入资料速度上进行了改进。 同时,3D Rad可自选的3D物件生成3D爆炸效果。同时,3DRad可自选的3D物件生成3D爆炸效果。

Create interactive 3D worlds and games by visually placing objects in virtual space. Make realistic virtual vehicles by visually combining bodies, joints and wheels with working suspensions. Compile and sell your projects royalty free. Enjoy advanced physics simulation, control forces and torques interactively, tune frictions and other physics parameters.
Getting started with 3D Rad

This five-minute tutorial will show you why 3D Rad is the ideal
3d development softwarefor CG artists and non-coders!

Complete documentation showing you
how to make a 3d gamewith 3D Rad is also available!

A page I strongly recommend, if you are new to 3D Rad, is the
3d game editoroverview. 
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