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Boost Windows 2009 v2.1 9
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您可能还不知道,您的Windows系统没有运行在完美的状态。  其原因可能是详细的服务,
Boost Windows 2009 是一个革命性的系统助推器。
相结合一系列的专业水平的工具,专门针对系统的性能优化,加强和隐私 ,
计算机注册表编辑器,系统配置, .可能风险,损害您的系统。
随着升压您就可以完成系统优化在几个“下一步”点击。 自动 优化,
就像是刚刚完全重新安装Windows. 。


*以及更多!使Windows 稳定 ,  提高 Windows系统的30 %至50 % ,


Boost Windows 2009 is a revolutionary system booster. Unlike other similar software, they may require you know much knowledge of computer like registry editor, system configuration, and you may have to take the risk of damaging your system. With Boost Windows 2009, you can complete the system optimization in a few "Next" clicks. Your Windows will be fine-tuned to a perfect status - like it was just completely reinstalled with all updates, fast, reliable, and safe.

What benefits will Boost Windows 2009 bring you?

You may also know, your Windows system is not running at its perfect state. The reason may be verbose services, unnecessary install files, huge amount of temporary files and disk cache size, etc. All these will cause Windows slow and unstable, you will often see program crash, downloading become slower and slower.

Boost Windows 2009 is just designed to solved these problems, it can do a lot of optimizations to Windows, including:

    * Speed up CPU cache
    * Speed up Internet Dial-up speed
    * Speed up disk speed
    * Speed up system startup and shutdown
    * Improve stability
    * Improve Game experience
    * Wipe unnecessary junk files
    * Repair bad registry
    * and much more!

With Boost Windows 2009 running regularly, you can keep Windows clear and stable, never have pain to reinstall Windows time to time. From our tests, Boost Windows 2009 can boost Windows system for 30% to 50%, including boot and shutdown, program running performance, game FPS, etc.

You can get all these with a few mouse clicks, all operations are automatic and safe!


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