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CrazyTalk v6.0 PRO

CrazyTalk6 PRO 中文版提供了創新且即時的多重角色臉偶操控技術,可隨心所欲操控角色表情,讓您輕鬆、快速體驗「玩成作品」的樂趣,更是讓您大玩虛擬角色扮演、臉部動畫的最佳工具!

Crazy Talk 是一套只要使用一张照片,就可以让照片变成会动、会说话、具有各种特效,并可以输出多种档案格式的软件;您只需将朋友同事、家庭成员的照片输入,Crazy Talk 就能够让您将照片编辑成具有丰富表情变化、且有声有影的多媒体档案。

CrazyTalk 除了让照片会说话,还可加入丰富的表情变化。找一张独具魅力的照片,再录下您美妙的声音,讲个笑话、唱首歌,透过电子邮件问候您的好友。 可以输出 ActiveX Control(可内嵌至网页的元件),把这张说话的照片发佈至网路上,诚徵网友、播报八卦,甚至做成电子售货员,让它成为您的网站代言人。 进阶的使用者,可以利用程式语言,即时控制网站代言人,并产生各种趣味的互动,如互动聊天室、互动教学、人工智慧的客服员。

应用范围: 寄发电子邮件利用最佳代言人问候老朋友,或是开玩笑、告白、懺悔…。输出媒体档案可输出影片档、序列图档,供其他媒体剪辑用。网站代言人最佳代言人可以将说话的照片发佈至网路上,让它成为您的网站代言人。智慧型代言人可以利用程式语言,即时控制网站代言人,并产生各种趣味的互动。

CrazyTalk 6 Pro is a revolutionary tool for creating sophisticated, zaney or dramatic talking characters for unique digital content. Simply import an image and CrazyTalk guides you through the process to bring it to life with wizard-like menus for beginners and in-depth power editors for pros.

CrazyTalk 6 features multiple actor animation for generating real-time dialogue sequences, VividEye technology increasing the high realism of virtual eye movement, and auto human face fitting advancement in Reallusion's remarkably simple image transformation process that converts any 2D image into a fully animated digital actor within minutes.

Quickly design and animate talking avatars for use in any commercial or personal web page, video project or social network widget. CrazyTalk 6 delivers the ultimate solution for today's digital content creators looking to add a virtual host, product pitchman or digital actor to their movies, video projects and websites.

Size: 120.91 MB
ОS: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista
Home Page: reallusion.com


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