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Demo of meshmixer, a new drag-and-drop geometry editing tool. Download for free at http://www.meshmixer.com/

meshmixer is an experimental 3D modeling tool developed by Ryan Schmidt, who is also responsible for ShapeShop and some other stuff. The goal of meshmixer is to make it dead easy to compose new 3D models from existing meshes.

meshmixer has a pretty spartan interface, so there isn't a lot to learn. These tutorial videos should help get you started:
Tutorial 1: Basic Drag & Drop
Tutorial 2: Advanced Drag & Drop (coming soon)
Tutorial 3: Bugs (coming soon)
You might also want to check out the Frequently Asked Questions.
Many of the operations in meshmixer can be accessed via hotkey. Here is a short list of the available hotkeys:
Alt+Left: tumble camera around object
Alt+Middle: pan camera
Alt+Right: zoom camera
f: load new File (mesh)
e: save/Export current mesh
u: Undo
ESC: cancel current operation (selection, cut/fill, drop)
r: Repeat last selection (only makes sense if mesh is identical)
c: Cut selection
a: Accept current action
w: toggle Wireframe
1: flat shading
2: smooth shading
b: draw Boundary edges (useful for debugging)
n: smooth Normals (can improve results when pasting)
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