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MODI version 1.31 影像批次处理软件
 Modi is a powerful and flexible batch image processor freeware with an easy to use interface. It is also extensible by using plugins.
 MODI 1.31

If you want to try it out, download it now!

Program features shipped with current release

- Sharpen
- Unsharp Mask
- Noice Reduction
- Auto Level
- Print EXIF
- Text Watermark
- Save as BMP, TIFF (with multipage support), and JPG.
- Presets
- Resize
- Text/Image Watermark
- Adding frame to images
- AutoRotate based on EXIF information
- Convert image to Black and White.
- Convert image to Sepia tone.
- Auto check for update
- Open file type (BPM, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and JPG).
- Preview function by clicking Preview Button or double click the file name.
- It is possible to saving jpg file using file size constraint.
- Prepend text to output file name
- Drag and drop also make the application be easy to use.


You will need Microsoft .NET Framework to run MODI. You can download it from here.

If you find MODI is useful. You can help the development of MODI by clicking Donate button on the left panel! We thank you for your great contribution.

After you start MODI.exe you should see the screen below

To process your photos, it is as easy as counting one-two-three. The overall steps are

  1. Add your "to be processed" files to the list. This can be done either by clicking Add Files button or drag your files from Windows Explorer and drop them to the list.
  2. Add your desired image modifier to the list. You can use either your saved preset or add modifiers manually by clicking the "Add Modifier" button.
  3. Choose the output location. To prevent MODI from overwriting your original photos, MODI will always prepend "r_" to the original file name.
  4. That’s all! You can click Go! now to start processing your photos.
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