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The edge of Flash

Many of you will remember the Red Bull Flugtag Flight Lab from last year, which was featured as a finalist for FWA's Site of the Year 2008. This could be seen as a follow-up to that site, but this time you're not flying. You're racing cars — but not ordinary cars. You draw your own car and then hurl it down a steep track with no power — just gravity and Red Bull.

I think this Soapbox Racer has taken the Flight Lab idea to another level. I find it easier to use and much easier to race the car. However, my flying skills in games have always been dreadful. (I remember a flying game on the Amiga where you had to pass a test flight to continue in the game: I could never pass the test flight.) Have we started to take for granted the level of creativity in this type of site? Just try this one and consider while you are drawing your car how in-depth the code, planning, and even thinking must be to make an experience like this possible.

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