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Snippage – 在桌面上监视网页
what is it?
Easily make desktop widgets out of any site!

Wouldn't it be great if you could take pieces of your favorite web sites and put them on your desktop? Things like that auction you've got your eye on, your web mail's inbox, or even that search box you're always using. Well, Snippage lets you do just that.
Snippage 利用 AIR 技术,搭建了一个简易的浏览器,只显示你想要的部分网页,并定时刷新。很适合人肉监视某个网站的更新,比如股票之类的。比起我曾经用过的某个同类功能的共享软件来说,Snippage 真是小巧方便,而且 AIR 程序是跨平台的!
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