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Caligari trueSpace - 3D Modeling Software for Free
Caligari - 3D modelers know and respect the name, thanks to the powerful trueSpace 3D modelling application. Caligari recently announced that the latest edition, trueSpace 7.6, is available for free. Learn more about the free trueSpace software download at their site - www.caligari.com.
This is the full 3D authoring package with no time restrictions and no license restrictions on how you use it. This version is the latest release from Caligari with many bug fixes and improvements to the Link Editor. This version features both the workspace and the legacy Model side.
Download trueSpace7.6 full installation (software and all libraries) - 126Mb
Download trueSpace7.6 PDF Manual - 51Mb
Download trueSpace7.6 Videos - 129Mb
Once you've downloaded and installed the software, be sure to read through the Manual.
 Tentacles for trueSpace7.6
Access the TurboSquid library direct from inside trueSpace7.6.
All Video Courses FREE
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trueSpace guided tour
Model, animate, render, collaborate.
Grafikdesign Marcel Barthel
Models and real-time shaders for trueSpace7.6.

With the new free Tentacles plug-in from TurboSquid, you can have the world's largest catalog of 3D-related material right inside trueSpace7.6! This gives you access to that catalog to share, sell or buy 3D content, from directly within trueSpace.

The plug-in is available at no charge and adds a Tentacles toolbar directly into the trueSpace workspace environment. This gives access to uploading your trueSpace creations to TurboSquid, where you can give them away or sell them, store them as back-ups, or share them with other TurboSquid users via shared directories for projects.


Once installed, you will find a new Tentacles toolbar in trueSpace7.6.

Tentacles makes it easy to distribute your content to other trueSpace users, letting you use TurboSquid as a one-stop warehouse to share or find trueSpace and Virtual Earth content. Uploading via the new toolbar automatically captures important metadata about any scenes or objects, such as the polygon count. The Tentacles wizards make it easy for you to manage thumbnails, tags, descriptions and other data that will help TurboSquid users find your content.


The main page for Tentacles for trueSpace.

You can read more about Tentacles for trueSpace here:

Or go directly to downloading this free plug-in here:


trueSpace7.61 workspace only
This is the full 3D authoring package with no time restrictions and no license restrictions on how you use it. This version is the latest release from Caligari with many bug fixes and improvements to the Link Editor. This version has had the legacy Model side removed and features only the new tools in the workspace side. The manual and videos from trueSpace7.61 should be used.
Download trueSpace7.6 workspace only installation (software and all libraries) - 88Mb


This is the standalone player / viewer for trueSpace7.61 scenes. You can distribute your 3D scenes in trueSpace RsScn format along with truePlay to allow non-trueSpace users to open and view the scene without having to install the full trueSpace application. It will open scenes from both tS7.61 and tS7.6.
Download truePlay for trueSpace7.61 - 14Mb


This is trueSpace version which will allow you to set up and hosts your own shared spaces accessible by combination of trueSpace and truePlay clients. This version of trueServe runs on single computer and hosts maximum 10-15 participants but will allow you to create your own collaborative environments without additional restrictions.
Download trueServe for trueSpace7.61 - 35Mb
Download trueServe Manual - 6Mb


trueSpace7.61 SDK
The SDK for trueSpace7.61, for those who wish to develop plug-ins for it.
Download trueSpace7.61 SDK - 8Mb


This is the previous release of trueSpace, prior to tS7.61 being released on May 22nd 2009, provided for legacy compatibility with previous scripts, scenes and plug-ins. Most importantly, please note that V-Ray users will need to use this version, as V-Ray for trueSpace is not compatible with trueSpace7.61. This version will not load trueSpace7.61 scenes. Please use the manual and videos from the trueSpace7.61 section.
Download trueSpace7.6 full installation (software and all libraries) - 127Mb


Serial Number
These installers do not require a serial number. For legacy purposes only, you may use the following tS7.6 serial number if you wish to run an older installer that requests one:

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