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Digimon Version PC 3.0
 dont ask for cheats or Iphone apps. its not possible
Similar to earlier virtual pets ("v-pets"), with the distinctions of being much hardier and being able to connect to fight other Digimon v-pets. Every owner would start off with a baby Digimon, train it, take care of it, cause it to evolve, and then have battles with other Digimon owners to see whose was stronger. The Digimon pet had several evolution capabilities, so two owners could have wildly different Digimon.
Hamachi LAN: Used to connect to an online network for V-Pet

Hamachi Battle Rooms/Networks:
Room Name: V-PetBattle / Password: 123 / Members: 24/50

Battle Hours:
I'll set up a battle hour for those who wish to log into Hamachi at that hour to battle each other.






虛擬區域網 hamachi 對戰說明

================================================================================================== http://www.filehippo.com/download_hamachi/

6.安裝hamachi後,就可以用邀請對手加入你的hamachi虛擬LAN 網絡,然後連線對戰。

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DIGIMON VER. PC 3.0<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Basic Main Room Functions
Status - Name
Level: Fresh ~ Super Ultimate
Attribute: Vaccine, Data, Virus
Age - max 99 yrs
Weight - max 99 G
Tamer - Name of your Digimon
Trained - Times your Digimon is trained on its current level (reset after successful evolution)
Hunger: max 4
Strength: max 4
DP: max 10, consume 1 each train, recover 2 every 5min
Care Mistakes: Increases when digimon's calls are ignored for a certain amount of time
HP: max 9999
Attack: affects damages dealt during battle
Defense: affects damages received during battle
Dexterity: affects evading rate and accuracy during battle
*Atk+Def+Dex <= 1500 (The sum of the atk, def and dex, it is always 1500)
Number of Battles (will not be reset after evolutions)
Win Ratio
Number of Battles Won
Number of Battles Lost
Feed - Meat: +1 Hunger, +1 G
Protein: +1 Strength, +2 G, 50% chance of easing negative effect brought by frequent injuries
Train - Atk, Def, Dex training
HP+5 for each successful train
Keyboard key functions:
"B": disable/enable background animation
"S": disable/enable sound
"M": switch between keyboard and mouse mode in Atk training
"Z": as the hit key when switched to keyboard mode in atk training
Clean - Clean Digimon's poops
Connect - Battle (IP connect)ss
First icon: host game, Second icon: join game:
Attack: attack A: opponent's attack B to 0
attack B: opponent's attack C to 0
attack C: opponent's attack A to 0
Defense: Give up attacking, Def x2. Does not affect evading chance.
(Surrender function not implemented yet)
Light - Switch on/off light
Heal - Heal digimon's sickness/injury
Pause - Freeze your digimon and pause the game
Quit - Exit game
Call - On when digimon is calling
Evolution bar - It is on the right side of the main room and cannot be seen unless hovered by mouse.
It shows the evolution path your digimon has followed.
Volume Bar - Press "S" on your keyboard while in main room to toggle volume bar.
Right click or press "S" again to disable it.
Frame Color - Press "C" on your keyboard to switch between different colors.
ID Card Generation - Press "p" on your keyboard. Make sure your digimon is not freezed.
Move window - Drag window with mouse left button
Minimize window - Main room: Press mouse middle button
Other rooms: Click on the minimize button on the title bar

Digimon Families
Deep Savers: Mostly water-based digimon
Wind Guardians: Mostly holy and bird digimon
Jungle Trooper: Mostly insectoid and vegetation digimon
Nature Spirits: Mostly beast, dragon and dinosaur digimon
Nightmare Soldiers: Mostly evil, dark, night-based digimon
Metal Empire: Mostly machine and cyborg digimon

Evolution Time
To In-training: ~1 hr
To rookie: ~6 hrs
To champion: ~40 hrs (4 years)
To ultimate: ~50 hrs (8 years)
To mega: ~60 hrs (13 years)
To super ultimate: ~24hrs (15 years)
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